NPFL: Most female attendees have ulterior motives, Morice Chukwu alledges

In recent times, the number of women attending men’s football games in Nigeria has significantly increased.
Curiously, that has not been the case with the women’s game.
The women’s game has struggled to attract both genders to its matches.
Infact, available data indicate that the number of women that attended Nigeria Professional Football League men’s games in the last two years, by far, outweighs the one that attended women’s matches within the same period.
As of July 2020, no research was conducted to explain women’s seeming preference for men’s games to the women’s.
However, Akwa United midfielder Morice Chukwu claims that is down to the fact that NPFL matches offer avenues through which young women can meet and mingle with male players, who are paid significantly higher salaries than their female counterparts.
The former Go-Round FC player explained that most of the ladies who flock to match venues do not have passion for the sport, adding that only the allure of dating well-paid footballers takes them to matches.
“Girls at my school used to hate my nice, long nose. No matter how I tried to impress. But when they started to see my nice, long nose at bigger clubs and on TV, they called me “cute”, the Ebonyi-born player wrote on his Facebook page.
“Girls don’t love football, they watch football to look for a guy with money to date them. Only guys [genuinely] cheer us.”
The post, which has since been deleted, attracted criticisms from some women.

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